Wednesday, 22 April 2015

You know, NATHA is dead...

What happened today is more than shocking...
गीत दुःख का था गाया मेरे मन ने मगर
मैने झूठा सहारा ना बनने दिया,
ऑंख वाले ये अन्धे न देखे तो फिर
मैने खुद को तमाशा ही बनने दिया।

मेरी आंखो में आंखे भिडाकर कहो
मेरी नजरों से नजरें मिलाकर कहो
देखा तुने क्या भय मेरी इन आंखो में?
रे रोष मन का हूं तन से दिखाया कहो।

क्रॉंच के वध से जन्मा रामायण कभी
निषाद शापित हुआ था यहॉ पर कभी
कारण तु है रे तु, मेरे कुवध का यहॉ
हैं वाल्मीकी बचे क्या, रे अब भी कहीं?

भाव के ये रे नंगे, मेरी मेहनत को ओ्ढ
कल दिखायेंगे संसद में, एक दुजे पे जोर
मेरे तन मन तपिश की ये चूल्हे पे फिर
मिल पकायेंगे फुल्के, सब सियासत के चोर!
    -निशान्त पाण्डेय… dedicated to today’s ‘Natha’!... I can’t do more, but surely will!
Today Indian Media got a real ‘Natha’, and our system delivered it, slowly but too efficiently. We live in a democratic country, democracy! By the people, for the people, of the people. Huh! The above is only the definition that you would find in a class 10th political science text book but nowhere to be actually found in reality except during elections! For this world we live in a young nation, full of opportunities. But sorry, here I am a bit pessimist. We are a bit different. We are not ready to be called so. And neither we were ever. See the history, we were, we are, and may be or probably we will be busy only serving others. We love to serve. We are good servants. We have a working brain but that hangs to work for our self development. We are democratic. But this form of government demands active participation of people, which we simply can’t. Yes, emotional we are, much more emotional than actually required, but we don’t know how to work for our growth. You may have been seeing this country as a country of youths, but we are simply not interested in the working mechanism of this country. Want to try? Roam in any part of this country and ask the so called youths, “Are you interested in politics?”, you would seldom find an answer in affirmation. Yes there are a lot of youth brigades of each and every political party, but those misdirected immature college students are there only to satisfy their ego. Politically interested means they should know the road map for the development of this country, they should research on its potentials and find some way for its implementation but they are on a different track. Even if they are interested, they are busy shouting some 'Zindabad’ slogans for their senior leaders. We demand of water without digging a well. We know the taste but don't know how to cook. We don't know what to do after a candle march. and finally We are GreatBharat mata ki jai.
 -Nishant Pandey

Sunday, 5 April 2015


It was 1st of April. I had already spent a number of days just sleeping, eating and counting; January and then February then the march and finally the score is 67.20 out of 100. It states, “…you have not been selected…”.

So I told myself to get prepared for the next round. Of course there was no other option available. The only thing I gained is the highly admired word of this world called, “experience”. Some where I had read that those who read live many lives and those who write create many lives.

So finally after lot of mental arguments I am posting my 2ND INTERVIEW experience (the 1st one was for a fighter pilot for which I was kicked out hard by our dear INDIAN AIR FORCE).
It was on 5th of January this year; I was returning from Varanasi after getting rejected from IAF. There was no reservation but the ‘Bihari bhaiya’ TTE allotted a berth.

“ka seat nahi rejar-ab hai to nahi jaiega”, he said, “laiye 200 rupaiya”.

“kaha jana hai?”

‘Gomoh ka de dijieye’ I said.

‘Jana kaha hai?’


‘Haan, to ranchiy-e tak ka bana dete hain, Gomoh se phir 100 go rupaiya lagega. Ghabraiy-e nahi 200 may ho jaega.’

The train dropped me at Netaji junction with full respect and honour. But the time was 12:30, in night. Within 10 minutes or so I was alone on that holy platform. Next train for ranchi was at 4:00AM. In this chilly night, I took a cup of maati chukiya chai. I don’t prefer tea but it was the hearty call, much like Kajol who had some wine in DDLJ. There were only two persons on the platform, a beggar and I; both of us struggling with cold. He in his plastic rags and me in myself. Finally I passed those long four hours, listing to some Gazhals. The train arrived right on time to take me to my hometown.

Failure or success is actually not for you but for the society. No one wants to receive a NOBLE prize in secrecy, getting announced his name in his very personal ears only. We all are desperate to tell others about our merits. Similar is with failure, the world is desperate to explore our failures. There were mixture of comments from all around, the best was, “I thought you are coming with your very own MIG”. And to make your mind cool and calm the best thing is to get the responses filtered before it attacks your mind or the delicate heart.

In the evening of 6th January, the very next day, the written result of IBPS bank was disclosed. It was like cold drops of rain in a scorching day. The good news was that I made it in the very first attempt, without investing or rather say without donating any money in some institute. Thanks to my family and INTERNET. Youtube and radio samachar at 8:45 with some vedic maths tricks are enough for any one who aspires to pass IBPS BANK examination.

Next was the ‘next interview’ scheduled on 19th of February at 9 AM, venue was HOTEL ARYA, Ranchi. Embarrassed to say but I had not seen Hotel Arya, even I must have had crossed it not less than a hundred times in the last 7 years of my residence at Ranchi.

There were many candidates, all dressed in their best. The good thing was the number of girls. They were in equal proportion as boys. My father dropped me at the venue precisely at 8:30AM.

Expressions say a lot. I must tell every candidate deserved a BANK BRANCH. They all seemed to be quite intelligent to me.

‘sirf candidate log aiega, gaarjian sab bahar-e rahiega’, Darbaan sahib said.

We all were directed to the 4th floor.  I and some others took the stairs but some 30 candidates stood in front of the mini-lift in which hardly four persons could accommodate. And out of those 30, I guess, 22 were not boys.

On the 4th floor we all were seated in a big hall.

There were five desks each accompanied with a local bank staff. There we were to get our documents verified.

I was listed on number 2.

One of them provided each one of us a white sheet and directed us to write something in Hindi, with further instructions on how to arrange the documents in the proper sequence.

The good news was that I had forgotten my photo id card. I searched my bag and found a 75% crushed photo copy of my Adhar card. That was itself confused to confess as a copy of my photo id.

‘Sir,’ I said ‘I forgot my photo id card’. All our talk was in Hindi, so you may think of us talking in a semi polished version of Hindi, blended with some amount of Bhojpuri and accented with Magahi.

‘k-o, bat nahi’, he said ‘yahi k ho’?

‘yes, sir’.

‘Phone k-a  k manga lo’.

Wah! Etna asan?  I thought.

The next good news was, “aapke khate may maujuda rashi kam hai!...” I literarily said to myself, “You are just great, Nishant!”. As I had not talked to anyone on phone since last week I was not aware that my phone balance is 0.00 INR.

Wondering what to do next? In my front as well as in my back, there were only girls. I asked one of them who had just used my fevicol in her colored photograph but she refused, saying she had handed her phone to her mother who was down the floors. Thanks to Allan Pease. His videos have taught me enough about body language and I was sure, she lied. The audio mismatched the video!

For me it’s really hard to ask for something, especially from an unknown girl. All Biharis suffer from this! I stood up searching for the right face, and then the candidate next to my seat arrived. I gave him enough time to settle down and told him the entire procedure that we were told. Then I took his phone to call one of my friends and told him to get my voter id card which was in the house of another friend! My things are always scattered, and sometimes they just cross the limits! ; And they had demanded the same that I had provided at the time of written examination. Within 20 minutes both of my friends were in the hotel.

Taking the permission of the authority I went into the lift. The air was conditioned and some song was getting played. I was stressed and as no one was with me, I danced in the lift until the lift reached the ground floor. Both my friends were waiting outside with two photo copies accompanied with the original voter id card of mine.

I again went to that hall. Took that white sheet and wrote an article on the use and importance of yoga in our day to day life, got my documents verified and was directed to the 2nd floor.
There were other guys waiting for their turn. Half were engineers, the rest half of half MBAs & MCAs and the rest stupids like me.

The man who was calling our turns made a very specific point to one of the candidate and it really made me much comfortable.
Yaar, bank-e may naukri karna tha to doo saal MBA kar k barbaad kahe kiya, gajab ka laikan hai sab. Koi engineer nahi banna chahta hai sab bank-e may naukri karega?” 

I said in my mind,  asal dukh to student hi janta hai!” By the way It was 9:45AM and it was my turn.


There were three men, and one woman. I guess one was in mid forties; one had just crossed sixty and the rest two in their fifties.

Me: Namastey madam, namstey sirs.

I2.:Nishant!… baithiye.

I took my seat as gently as I can, with a smiley face.

L1: Apne bare may batiy-e.

I told them.

In interest and hobbies I told them, yoga and reading Indian philosophies. And the whole interview was shifted to my hobbies.

L2: Elaborate …Indian philosophy means? (He asked in hindi).

M2: Sir, the philosophies of India, such as Geeta and the Upanishads.

L2: In the 18th section of Geeta, what has Bhagwan shree krishan told to Arjuna?

Me: Sir, he said that this entire world is one and its only he that manifests himself in many forms. The theory of Advaita is described in it.

I3 the one in sixties was impressed with my answer but I2 wanted the exact, as it’s written there. So I2 added some more to my answer.

I3: Give me an example of a true disciple.

Me: Sir, eklavya!

I3: No No, It was in the ancient Mahabharata period, I want the latest one.

Me: Sir Vivekananda.

I3: Good, very good. Look he knows.

Then I2 asked some basic questions about Vivekananda, which I told as I had have some six months regular visit to Ramakrishna Mission Library, Ranchi.

The talk shifted to some rumors about Vivekananda which L2 told me with great joy and enthusiasm. (There are tons of it, which he left untouched!!!!!!!)  

I1: what is the use of Geeta in bank? Were you going to teach Geeta there?

Me: No sir, I am not going to teach Geeta. Geeta gives knowledge how to talk and react in different situation and circumstances; how to deal with the right and wrong. These scriptures tell us how to behave with different person and in bank I am to interact with a lot people, so it’s useful.

He then asked some other things related to Geeta and looked satisfied with my answers. 

I1: What does bible say?

Me: sir, I have downloaded it but have not read it yet.

I1: Geeta says “karma karo phal ki chinta mat karo” and Bible says “karma karo phal awasya milega”.

Me : Yes sir.

The lady was not asking anything. She was lost somewhere in her own mental worries I thought.

Some questions were asked about my family background.

I2: What have you read about banks? Have you read or not? I will ask only if you permit. Should i?

Me: Yes sir, I have read the basics; their nationalization and the basic banking terms.

I2: What is reverse repo?

I replied 50% correct. I3 corrected it. I had prepared for it but with a wrong answer, thanks to internet again.

I2: Why has government stressed so much on Jan dhan yojana? What is its benefit?

Me: Sir, it’s for financial inclusion.

I3: No. Tell the exact thing.

I had heard it a thousand times on All India Radio, it’s for financial inclusion! I replied the same with some elaboration.

I3: Is it related to corruption?

Myself confused.

I1: …corruption in MNREGA?

Then I replied that it enables government for direct transfer of cash to the MNREGA workers into their bank account but was too late to catch it.

I was still not out and batting as smartly as I can but then came the Ganga, and she drowned me completely.

I2 asked if Ganga touches Jharkhand, I said yes but was not able to name the place!

I3 hinted a lot, I replied the correct name but once again I was late.

‘Thank you Nishant.’

‘Thank you sir, thank you ma’am.

Then from 19th February to 1st of April I passed these days learning decimal value of Pi. I learnt 2322 (Two thousand three hundred and twenty two) values after decimal without a mistake (enough to be declared mental!). :D  :)

In interview I scored 72 out of 100 but was not able to get into the merit list and missed the bus with 1.6 marks.

In the evening on the same day IAF written results were declared again, which I had appeared for on 22nd February and this time interview(SSB) is in Gandhinagar, Gujarat on 15th JUNE. Now Its 3:19AM, time to have some sleep; it may not be possible (or may be) in reality but In my dreams I have many flights on MIG, Sukhoi, F-22 raptor and the best one Eurofighter Typhoon!   

©COPYRIGHT NISHANT PANDEY, 2015. "Written between 10:38PM to 3:22AM, date 5-6 of April, 2015"

Sunday, 11 January 2015


Francois M. Voltaire, we all know him;
In class 9th he met us in a chapter named French Revolution.
He was one of the greatest French writers and philosophers;
He says, " i am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganga -- Astronomy, Astrology, Spiritualism, etc. It is very important to note that some 2,500 years ago at the least Pythagoras went from Samos to the Ganga to learn Geometry... But he would certainly not have taken such a strange journey had the reputation of the Brahmins' science not been long established in Europe".

Mark Twain said, " Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India".
Jean sylvain Bailly, noted for his computation of an orbit for Halley's comet, said, " The motion of the stars calculated by the Hindus before some 4500 years, vary not even a single minute from the modern tables of Cassine and Meyer."
The father of the atomic bomb, J. R. Oppenheimer said, " What we shall find in Modern physics in an
exemplification, an encouragement and a refinement of old Hindu wisdom."

Okay, great.
These people may say whatever absurd they wish to but how can an Indian praise ancient Indian science, and that too in National Science Congress; shame on him;
he should loose his breath as soon as possible; by presenting a research paper on ancient "Viman Shastra", Captain Anand Bodas has deteriorated the name of Indian scientist
; he is a big blot on present scientific temperament of the country. Had he been an American or a citizen of Britain or even an Australian we would have accepted his sayings whole hearty,
but how can an Indian praise his ancient past;
I wonder, what right he has to do so???
I hope keeping in view the sentiments of a truly 'Maculised' educated youth, the Indian government will take strict action against him and will also pass a resolution
that in the coming future no one would dare commit such a blunder.

Sunday, 28 December 2014


So PK or not PK that is the question. For me it is not PK. PK is overall a nice movie, but it flows unidirectional, making its own way, somewhere by force. The Educated youth and intellectuals have appreciated it, no doubt. But i think that it made some blunders.
First of all what are we and why religion? The movie says that people fear and that's why they go to mandir and secondly there is no need to worship any deity as it is fake! Further the team said, "we heard that some are opposing our film and are threatening us to move to some court but before that they must know who we are." On hearing this i am just dying to say something over this issue. I worship deity and you said its fake, there is no need to worship deity. In Hinduism people worship deity, so you are directly questioning the very basis of a religion. Thanks to the freedom of thoughts that Hinduism provides and thanks for the absence of any 'sharia kanoon' that would have hanged you on for Blasphemy.

I just want to ask some questions that you must answer. One, 'khan miya' said that we must worship the god that is there(that has made his permanent residence somewhere in the midst of sky), who have made us, but not worship idol as he is absent there; But Khan miya don't you think that "ishwar" has made everything not only us; don't you think that he is omnipresent and has not made a permanent resident in the midst of sky only; if yes, if you do think that he is omnipresent then what compels you to believe that he is absent in the idols that we Hindu worship. In Hinduism you are free to worship, by any way you want to. A stone is the very basic thing that is available everywhere and you must celebrate this that on this earth there is a religion that worship god even in stones.

Next you people are concentrating too much on the income of temples, i appreciate your alertness, but why? If you can make 197 crores in one day just by shaking your hips then why can't a temple make 197 crore in a year where people come and think of god. You say the priest live luxury life; if you can then why they can't. Has a priest got any 'THAPPA', that disallows him from having a luxurious life. If you had commented on the fraud god men, i would have appreciated you but you are simply abusing the whole priest clan; i strongly object this, what right have you? How can you?

Third, you people are getting much more concerned about poor people of this country; and you think that you really are, by objecting 'Shivalinga Dugdha Abhishek'; interpreting that this is a complete loss. I don't know about educational qualification of you but with a guess that you have finished your matriculation, i think that you are aware of the fact that this is the oldest form of worship that any human has ever done on this mother earth; continuing from the time when milk was like water, when no one used to bought it, as some years ago water was, before the arrival of Bisleri. Further, thinking in that way it could be interpreted that you have made this country to loose many 'HOURS' that could have been used to teach some poor students of some slum area in our country. Tell me, has any priest objected you to feed poor? Continue to do whatever you want to do for them but you don't have any right to object the way people are paying their obeisance to their deity.

My dear khan miya, let me tell you one thing, the real aim of any human being is to get bliss; by whatever means he can, as long as it is not affecting the society ; by dancing or my reciting mantra, by lighting a candle, or by offering chadar; and you are no one to object it.


Monday, 3 November 2014

English Man but Indian Wife

Om'.  In this post i am going to write about the present dilemma of Indian Men.
There is a word called 'Woman Empowerment' and at present this single word has given birth to many new 'netas' in our country. This word is like an Indian Express train, catch it and you would  reach where you want to, affordably; yes it may be late but at last you would certainly reach your political destination. But the problem is that no one wants an empowered woman.
There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. If we talk of Indian history, the ancient vedic age or at the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata there was a special place, a sacred place for women in the society. In one we destroyed an Entire nation to save the dignity of women and in another we destroyed an entire clan for the sake of dignity of a woman. In ancient time Indian women were the real decision makers in one's family, there was dignity But as time passed what Indian Men started to demand is not a wife but a slave; 'An unpaid legal slave', or much like a 'Jenny' of some Aladdin's who would do all sort of stuff to please him. Why this happened? Was there any alien who came and changed the Indian DNA? Well for me, there was an alien invasion and only 'it' is accountable for this. This alien took four hundreds years and destroyed the Indian Ethics to its very root. And made us all like 'it'. But whatever be is the reason, now this slave era for woman is coming to an end and that is a good thing. Whatever one plants, he would get it back. Our society dominated the respect and dignity of woman in recent centuries and now the Indian women are only demanding it back as it was, by all the possible means. 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Strange thing!!

You are what you think, and not what you think you are.
Very true line. Your every thought, your every action has a great impact on your life. What you do, what you want to do, all makes your life.
Some says ''I DID'NT Get love, enough love'', and someone says ''i need love'', these two statements are totally different. In the first you are simply admiting the absence of love, no one knows if you are need of love or not, in the second you are saying you want and you will surely get. Its just your thinking dear. Similarly, one says i need money, and another says i don't have money-so if you don't have what this nature should do for you? You are admitting not asking for money. This law holds every where, in every field.

People focus on the thing what they don't want instead of focusing on what they want. Spending their mental power on the negative issue. Think of the day, when you don't want traffic and want to reach somewhere fastly, i bet you will get caught in traffic on that day, because you have not asked the nature for a free road. You are focusing on the traffic instead of traffic free road. This is amazing thing, a difference in thought makes great difference, awesome difference.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Why make someone believe the thing that they don't believe?

You believe in something another person not, how right is this to make him believe by presenting facts that his friends, his ancestors believe in that thing? Will he ever follow your words?
Hame pata hai ki hamare granth ki kya mahanata hai, ved-vedanta, purana may aaj k so called science facts hazaron saal pahle se unme mauzood hain, ab unko siddh karne k liye kisi ANGREJ ka sahayata lena!
Ab aaj ka gayatri pariwar, inke kitab may har char line k baad ek angrej ka naam hai use pratipadit karne k liye. Tum us angrej ka naam leke khud ye keh rahe ho, bata rahe ho ki tumhe unpe sandeh hai.
Hum mante hai murti may bhagwan hai,
christian nahi mante unka kehna hai ki ye pathar hai, to thik hai, unhe mat manne do, ye hamara viswas hai, adig viswas, sampurna nistha, ab ise pratipadit karne ki kya awasyakta hai, wo nahi karte isiliye wo christian hain hum mante hain isiliye hum hindu. Ye kehna ki hamara ved granth mahan hain kyun ki max muller ne inki badai ki, bhai ye kya pagalpan hain?
Ek jagah hai israil, is desh k log sanivar ko pavitra mante hain, thora aur aage chirstian sunday, aur idhar muslim friday. Teen dharam, teeno yarusalem se nikle hue, ek hi jagah se 3 dharam phir bhi apni apni manyata, sabka scientific explanation. To unhe usme vishwas hai, jisme jisko viswas hua usne use maana.
Hame ved may vishwas hai, to usme nischai raho ise pratipadit karne ki koi awasyakta nahi hai mere bhai.
Zindagi may kabhi bhi kuch bhi maano use agar tum mante ho to use sidh karne ki awasyakta nahi. Itna hi kaafi hai ki TUM use maante ho.