Sunday, 5 February 2012

Strange thing!!

You are what you think, and not what you think you are.
Very true line. Your every thought, your every action has a great impact on your life. What you do, what you want to do, all makes your life.
Some says ''I DID'NT Get love, enough love'', and someone says ''i need love'', these two statements are totally different. In the first you are simply admiting the absence of love, no one knows if you are need of love or not, in the second you are saying you want and you will surely get. Its just your thinking dear. Similarly, one says i need money, and another says i don't have money-so if you don't have what this nature should do for you? You are admitting not asking for money. This law holds every where, in every field.

People focus on the thing what they don't want instead of focusing on what they want. Spending their mental power on the negative issue. Think of the day, when you don't want traffic and want to reach somewhere fastly, i bet you will get caught in traffic on that day, because you have not asked the nature for a free road. You are focusing on the traffic instead of traffic free road. This is amazing thing, a difference in thought makes great difference, awesome difference.

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