Wednesday, 22 April 2015

You know, NATHA is dead...

What happened today is more than shocking...
गीत दुःख का था गाया मेरे मन ने मगर
मैने झूठा सहारा ना बनने दिया,
ऑंख वाले ये अन्धे न देखे तो फिर
मैने खुद को तमाशा ही बनने दिया।

मेरी आंखो में आंखे भिडाकर कहो
मेरी नजरों से नजरें मिलाकर कहो
देखा तुने क्या भय मेरी इन आंखो में?
रे रोष मन का हूं तन से दिखाया कहो।

क्रॉंच के वध से जन्मा रामायण कभी
निषाद शापित हुआ था यहॉ पर कभी
कारण तु है रे तु, मेरे कुवध का यहॉ
हैं वाल्मीकी बचे क्या, रे अब भी कहीं?

भाव के ये रे नंगे, मेरी मेहनत को ओ्ढ
कल दिखायेंगे संसद में, एक दुजे पे जोर
मेरे तन मन तपिश की ये चूल्हे पे फिर
मिल पकायेंगे फुल्के, सब सियासत के चोर!
    -निशान्त पाण्डेय… dedicated to today’s ‘Natha’!... I can’t do more, but surely will!
Today Indian Media got a real ‘Natha’, and our system delivered it, slowly but too efficiently. We live in a democratic country, democracy! By the people, for the people, of the people. Huh! The above is only the definition that you would find in a class 10th political science text book but nowhere to be actually found in reality except during elections! For this world we live in a young nation, full of opportunities. But sorry, here I am a bit pessimist. We are a bit different. We are not ready to be called so. And neither we were ever. See the history, we were, we are, and may be or probably we will be busy only serving others. We love to serve. We are good servants. We have a working brain but that hangs to work for our self development. We are democratic. But this form of government demands active participation of people, which we simply can’t. Yes, emotional we are, much more emotional than actually required, but we don’t know how to work for our growth. You may have been seeing this country as a country of youths, but we are simply not interested in the working mechanism of this country. Want to try? Roam in any part of this country and ask the so called youths, “Are you interested in politics?”, you would seldom find an answer in affirmation. Yes there are a lot of youth brigades of each and every political party, but those misdirected immature college students are there only to satisfy their ego. Politically interested means they should know the road map for the development of this country, they should research on its potentials and find some way for its implementation but they are on a different track. Even if they are interested, they are busy shouting some 'Zindabad’ slogans for their senior leaders. We demand of water without digging a well. We know the taste but don't know how to cook. We don't know what to do after a candle march. and finally We are GreatBharat mata ki jai.
 -Nishant Pandey

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