Monday, 3 November 2014

English Man but Indian Wife

Om'.  In this post i am going to write about the present dilemma of Indian Men.
There is a word called 'Woman Empowerment' and at present this single word has given birth to many new 'netas' in our country. This word is like an Indian Express train, catch it and you would  reach where you want to, affordably; yes it may be late but at last you would certainly reach your political destination. But the problem is that no one wants an empowered woman.
There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. If we talk of Indian history, the ancient vedic age or at the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata there was a special place, a sacred place for women in the society. In one we destroyed an Entire nation to save the dignity of women and in another we destroyed an entire clan for the sake of dignity of a woman. In ancient time Indian women were the real decision makers in one's family, there was dignity But as time passed what Indian Men started to demand is not a wife but a slave; 'An unpaid legal slave', or much like a 'Jenny' of some Aladdin's who would do all sort of stuff to please him. Why this happened? Was there any alien who came and changed the Indian DNA? Well for me, there was an alien invasion and only 'it' is accountable for this. This alien took four hundreds years and destroyed the Indian Ethics to its very root. And made us all like 'it'. But whatever be is the reason, now this slave era for woman is coming to an end and that is a good thing. Whatever one plants, he would get it back. Our society dominated the respect and dignity of woman in recent centuries and now the Indian women are only demanding it back as it was, by all the possible means.