Friday, 16 December 2011


There is a positive and a negative aspect of everything. Everything that you do, everything that you see, and everything that comes to you.

Your holy, educated and intelligent mind will always and always compell you to get that negative one. Why? Beacuse you are intelligent. But that will be of no use for you.
The thing that will do good to you is that the positive one. And the day you start getting into that plus aspect you will find that this world is not that rough, not that difficult.
The thing is how you get it. One will surely brings joy, others may not or better to say surely not.
There is a great saying ''NO ONE IS OUR FRIEND AND NO ONE IS ENEMY, EVERYONE IS OUR TEACHER.'' Yes, we learn, we always learn something even from a great tragedy that has come to our life. And that holy person that has made that tragedy to you is surely your teacher, isn't he!

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